As part of our final SUEUAA event, an international conference in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 9-10th May 2019, we are inviting presentations from external speakers and delegates other Universities and Cities to share their own experiences of community engagement.

We are delighted to announce our final event, an international conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, will take place on the 9-10th May 2019 in association with the University of Zimbabwe.

On 21st January 2019, members of the SUEUAA team joined other projects funded under the British Academy's Cities and Infrastructure GCRF funding call at British Academy headquarters in London. Dr Muir Houston, Dr Lavinia Hirsu, and Dr Jo Neary from our Glasgow team were in attendance, accompanied by two of our international colleagues: Professor Kamal Ketuly (University of Duhok, Iraq) and Professor Nematollah Azizi (University of Kurdistan, Iran). 

One of the key elements of the Manila meeting was the knowledge exchange capacity of the meeting- particularly for the SUEUAA partners to highlight and discuss the issues facing their city, and also how their University is engaged in the Third Mission to seek to create solutions to these global challenges.

The Philippine Normal University through the Linkages and International Office (LIO) hosted the International Forum on Strengthening Urban Engagement of Universities in Africa and Asia last 28-29 August 2018.

This is the first blog of our series summarising the experience of the SUEUAA team in Manila, the Philippines. The visit to the Philippines marked the halfway point in our study, and consisted of a team meeting with the international team members, a symposium for external audience from the Philippines who are interested in closer working relationships between Universities and the City, and a city tour for the team members to receive a first hand experience of some of the issues affecting Manila. 

We are delighted to present the finalised programme for the next SUEUAA international forum on strengthening urban engagement in universities in Africa and Asia. The event is to be held at Philippine Normal University on the 28th-29th of August 2018.  Up to this point we have 86 delegates registered coming from seven countries. If you cannot attend the event, please follow our hashtag #EngagingCities and look out for our blogposts related to the meetings.


We are pleased to announce that the work of SUEUAA will be extended through staff and student exchanges as a result of a successful institutional application by the University of Glasgow to the European Commission's Erasmus+ 2018 Key Action 107, Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries - International Credit Mobility.

Your are cordially invited to a forum in Manila on 28 August at which emerging outcomes of this project will be disseminated. There is no fee for this event and further details are attached. This event presents cases of engagement from our six countries and will be of interest to academics, policy-makers and officials in cities and students from around the world. It will include a keynote from Dr Mario Delos Reyes (University of the Philippines), plenary sessions from Local Government officials and academics on the subject of interventions at the city level, and a presentation by Professor Roberta Piazza (University of Catania, Italy) on the topic of forced migration. This event also features a showcase of work currently being undertaken by the SUEUAA team, and provides opportunity and space for discussion.

The Strengthening Urban Engagement of Universities in Africa and Asia (SUEUAA) project team involves academics from six cities in the Global South: Johannesburg (South Africa), Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), Harare (Zimbabwe), Manila (Philippines), Sanandaj (Iran), and Duhok (Iraq); and one city in the Global North, Glasgow (Scotland).  At times this blog will highlight incidences where the team members were offered the opportunity to give presentations, lectures, seminars, in order to highlight the public engagement work of the team.