The SUEUAA project held its final partner meeting on the 8th of May at the University of Zimbabwe to discuss final outputs and reports for the project. Partners were also given a tour of the facilities at the University of Zimbabwe and met with a number of academics including the Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr Oswell Hapanyengwi. Lunch provided a useful network opportunity to share ideas and areas of common interest with a view to continuing the collaborations that have developed over the course of the project.   

In advance of the SUEUAA conference hosted by the University of Zimbabwe which took place 9-10 May, the team involved in the research were delighted to explore their findings with Eng. Hosiah Chisango, Town Clerk of the City of Harare.

We are delighted to announce our final event, an international Symposium in Harare, Zimbabwe, will take place on the 9-10th May 2019 in association with the University of Zimbabwe.