This post serves as an alert to a free-to-attend webinar on the topic of creative research methods. This event is a collaboration between SUEUAA and SHLC. The event will take place on the 17th April at 10am GMT. This 2 hour online seminar, delivered by Dr Joanne Neary (SUEUAA) and Dr Carli Rowell (SHLC), will provide a brief introduction to the theory and practice of participatory qualitative methods.

Creative methods are those that go beyond the traditional methods of focus groups, surveys, and interviews. These are methods that either utilise the natural environment, or involve arts-based activities (such as music, photography, visual or performance arts) in order to address the research questions posed.These methods are often viewed as more inclusive than traditional qualitative methods (such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys). By using creative or arts-based approaches, it enables the research participant to take a more active role in the production of research data.

Using a combination of lecture-based and participatory learning, this online seminar will cover key theories in participatory qualitative methods, explore ethical/political issues underpinning the approach, and will critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the application and analysis of these methods.

The online seminar will cover the following methodologies: walking interviews, participatory photography and resident-drawn maps. The workshop requires no prior knowledge of participatory qualitative methods, although some knowledge of general qualitative research would be advantageous.

This event is organised by SHLC and SUEUAA and funded by UKRI and the British Academy as part of the U.K. Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund.

Registration for the event can be found following this link:

This webinar will be delivered via Zoom which is free to use. A link to Zoom will be included in your conformation email or you can downlaod Zoom here

A report on this event is now available.