Professor Michael Osborne, Director of PASCAL in Europe was very pleased to be invited by Seoul National University for a week of activities in Seoul, beginning 14 October 2019.

On Friday 18 October, he was a keynote speaker at the 20th International Conference on Research in Education organised by the Department of Education, Education Research Institute, and Seoul National University with over 500 delegates. The conference was co-hosted by the Korean Ministry of Education, the Korean Educational Development Service (KEDI), the Korean Educational Research Association and the Korea Institute for Educational Evaluation.

His keynote "A New Imperative: Regions and Higher Education in Difficult Times" was drawn from the book of the same name co-authored with Chris Duke and Bruce Wilson.

He provided an overview of the work of PASCAL in the field of university engagement with cities and regions, including the work of PURE and the more recent work that we have completed within the SUEUAA project.