I'm pleased to report that as a result of the enhanced relation that the University of Glasgow has built with the University of Zimbabwe in SUEUAA, the Department of Education at the university has agreed to join the network, Leading Teacher Education in Times of Crisis and Challenge, and will be represented by its Dean, Prof Oswell Hapanyengwi. This is an international, online network for those involved in leading teacher education to discuss current challenges arising from Covid-19; to share national / local responses to issues such the student practicum/placement and to consider the longer term implications and impact of Covid-19 for teacher education.  The online network is hosted by the School of Education, University of Glasgow in a secure, MS Teams site. Others who are senior managers of departments/schools/faculties of education who wish too join the network and contribute to the global conversation should contact Professor Margery McMahon, Head of the School of Education at the University of Glasgow Margery.mcmahon@glasgow.ac.uk