As we have reported previously, an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility grant won by the University of Glasgow from the European Commission has allowed eight staff from the University of Duhok to visit the University of Glasgow. These staff specialise in the field of Medicine, Chemistry, Structural Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Urban Geography and Finance.

As a result of this, research collaborations have been established in the fields of Infectious Diseases, Statistical Studies of the effect of landmines on health, agriculture and economy, harvesting energy in the form of modern super capacitors in Chemistry and the development of batteries and membranes.

Also, the treatment and recycling of waste material from building construction sites and reducing environmental pollution, and the study of the movement of the rural areas and communities to urban cities and its effect on the economy and social structure of the societies in the Kurdistan region are being covered in the exchanges, which started in July 2019. This development can be attributed directly to the links generated by SUEUAA.

Reports on two of these visits by Dr. Sizar and Dr. Muayad are found at the two following links:

Comprehensive training course in UK on “Infectious diseases”