In a series of SUEUAA working papers, the team will focus on overarching themes (environment, policy, migration, gender, and the economy), and show the similarities and differences across the different study cities in terms of the capacity of the University to respond to these city-wide issues. The first paper in this series focuses on the policy rhetoric surrounding University engagement in city-level challenges. 

Each working paper is a collaborative process, and is co-authored by academics in at least three cities.The first paper is co-authored by Dr. Lavinia Hirsu, Prof. Zenaida Reyes, Prof. Kamal Ketuly, Dr. Sizar Mohammad, Prof. Nematollah Azizi, Dr. Mpoki Mwaikokesya and Prof. Charles Nherera. 


Title: Anchoring universities into (un)expected realities: the engagement role of universities in Asia and Africa 


Abstract: To respond effectively to (un)expected realities (effects of climate change, environmental degradation, war and migration, accelerated urbanization), universities in Asia and Africa are called upon to accomplish their third mission by getting more involved in local municipalities and addressing city-level challenges. However, universities are not always prepared for this third mission, and policies reveal different levels of preparedness.

Through a thematic rhetorical analysis of a wide range of policies, this paper argues that university policy discourses build on different, and oftentimes competing, approaches to university engagement. A detailed analysis of policies in six cities (Dar es Salaam, Duhok, Harare, Johannesburg, Manila, and Sanandaj) reveals how HEIs align with (un)expected social realities and work with local municipalities.

While university-city partnerships exist in all six contexts, policies often remain broad in scope and provide little guidance to support resilience and appropriate local sustainable plans. Building on the experience accumulated by various stakeholders in the six cities, the paper makes a series of recommendations for policy change which has implications for a growing number of HEIs and city stakeholders confronted with similar challenges in their respective locales. 

To be cited as: Hirsu, L., Reyes, Z., Ketuly, K.A., Mohammad, S.A., Azizi, N. Mwaikokesya, M. & Nherera, C.(2018) Anchoring universities into (un)expected realities: the engagement role of universities in Asia and Africa. SUEUAA Thematic Paper Series, TPS 101/18. CR&DALL, Glasgow, UK, ISSN 2517-5548 (online)ISSN 2517-553X(Print)