Department of Education, University of Kurdistan




Educational Planning


Nematollah Azizi is a professor of Education at University of Kurdistan and served as the founder of Department of Education. Prior to joining the Faculty of Humanities he was the university’s director of research (1998–1999).

Between 1999 and 2002 he served as the dean of Faculty of Humanities. Following that he was appointed as the university’s vice-chancellor for Research (2003–2004). Currently he is working with an international research team lead by Professor Michael Osborne, University of Glasgow which focuses on “The Role of Universities in Urban Development in Asia and Africa”. Since 1999 and as a visiting professor, he has been visiting number of European Universities including University of Glasgow, University of Bath, University of Gothenburg, University of Bremen and University of Jyvaskyla.

He has been appointed as vice-president of the Iranian Higher Education Association (IHEA) since 2008. His other professional affiliation includes: member of European Educational Research Association; European Network for Technical and Vocation Education and Training; National Research Council for TVET (The Organization of Technical and Vocational Education); Kurdistan Council for Education; Research Board the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education (Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology); and the Editorial Board of Five Refereed Journals. Professor Azizi has published several books, chapter books and articles in refereed journals. His most recent book which has been published by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2017 is “The Importance of Reform in Higher Education: A Reflection on the Contemporary Challenges of Iran’s Tertiary Education System.