Research Associate (Education)


Jo graduated with a BA (Hons) in Psychology from Strathclyde University in 2007, and a MRes in Public Policy from Glasgow University in 2010. Her PhD (obtained in 2014, also from Glasgow University) explored young people’s experiences of growing up in two deprived neighbourhoods in Glasgow that were undergoing large scale regeneration (including demolition and relocation). Both her MRes and PhD were affiliated with GoWell. Jo used a qualitative multi-method participatory approach (including go-alongs and photo-elicitation).

From 2015-2017 she was employed as a qualitative research associate in the Public Health department at the University of Glasgow. Her post involved exploring older adults’ lived experiences of unemployment and poor health during their participation in a return to work programme in Scotland. 

She joined the School of Education in December 2017, where she works full time as a research associate in the SUEUAA project.


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